Expand your professional horizons

The language courses abroad are an option that DES offers to those people interested in learning other languages and in their professional and academic projection, as well as those who appreciate the importance and the need to meet new cultures.

We advise you personally

In addition, DES helps and advises you throughout the application process, making your stay an unforgettable experience.

Collaborating Centres

Our language centres accredited by the British Council and member of ENGLISH-UK, are modern and elegant and offers an excellent central location. Here you can learn English for your future and for your professional career or just for fun. The staff are very professional, kind and genuinely concerned with the needs you may have, giving you all the help, guidance and support you need to achieve your goals.

English courses in England will be your passport to a traditional and innovative culture at the same time. From industrial cities like Manchester, even the most academic and Liverpool, England comprises a range of almost infinite possibilities for your leisure and entertainment. Take a course or an internship in England is more than an academic or professional experience; ranging from the passion for football and beer, fidelity to ancient traditions, interesting literary world of Shakespeare and Dickens to the bohemian atmosphere of Manchester's Vibrant Northern Quarter, a city where multicultural atmosphere will offer its vast array of restaurants, cinemas and shops.

We create for you a course in English that best suits your needs, you just have to contact us and tell us what your idea and budget are, as there are many variables involved in this decision, length of stay (short, medium or long ), the dates ... etc.

English is no longer an obstacle. It is an exciting opportunity that can open so many doors for you! Come and join us, contact us today for some free information regarding courses, accommodation and so much more.