Accelerate your career

This course is designed to widen your knowledge of specific vocabulary for work environments and business culture..

Our English courses for companies, private courses are designed exclusively for groups of 8 to 20 students. These courses enable our customers to work and study without distractions and computer lessons include custom designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of each student.

Our courses offer the opportunity to learn English naturally, these courses are aimed at executives who want to study English business in order to develop stronger relationships and negotiate effectively with international clients or suppliers.

Our courses allow you to focus on those areas of the language that you consider most important, if you need to concentrate on presentations, meetings, negotiations, sales, customer service or simply want to improve their overall fluency in English in order to socialize with customers, we can create a bespoke course for you.

Each English course for executives and professionals have a different price that depends on many factors, to budgeting and confirm availability, you need to let us know starting date for the course and duration, number of people participating in the course and any additional requirements you may have.