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Before your departure we will inform you of all documents you have to prepare, as well as how to obtain these, depending on each person and what their objectives documents may vary, as translations of titles, European supplements, reference letters, Certificates criminal, apostille, etc.

Upon arrival:

In our department of career guidance we help you prepare your CV with native English teachers, and write letters of introduction, developing the specific vocabulary to address the personal interviews and practicing the most common questions. We will notify you on the areas and type of employment available for every person, temporary employment agencies and recruitment, web pages related to your job search and how to take into account your CV. We will help you once you're in the UK to obtain the NIN (National Insurance Number) and also guide you in the steps you have to take to the interview you should make the JobCentre (office) in order for you to get the social security number that allows you to work in the UK. We also help you to open your bank account and with your NHS records (National Health Service).

If you are looking for more information contact us and find what best suits your preferences.


Colaboramos con varias residencias tanto en Londres como en Liverpool, todas se encuentran situadas en la ciudad, donde el desplazamiento siempre es más cómodo y eficaz.

Todo incluido: Internet, WI-FI, televión e impuestos municipales.

Los edificios cuentan con seguridad 24 horas, CCTV, llaves individuales y todas las comodidades necesarias para la vida diaria.

Habitación individuales con baño privado con cocina y salón-comedor a compartir. También tenemos la posibilidad de alojar a los estudiantes en casas, para una mayor integración, estás casas en la mayoría de los casos son personas solas o parejas.


Residencia en Reino Unido: north lodge residential house.jpg

Residencia en Londres

Residencia en Reino Unido: Manchester Liverpool y Londres


Residencia en Halls